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If you are thinking of purchasing a safe for home or office use, please be wary of advertisements showing jewelry, money, wills and bonds being stored in a $79.00 security box.

There are typically three types of safes sold on the market: Burglary Safes, Fire Safes and Burglary & Fire Safes – combined.

Fire safes are strictly for important papers, such as, business ledgers, wills, legal documents, etc… Before purchasing a safe, be sure to verify that the fire safe is labeled as being Underwriters’ Laboratories (UL) tested and approved, class 350º. You will find the label on the inside plate of the door.

Burglary safes weighing less than 750 pounds should be bolted to the floor or be installed inside another larger safe. Wall safes and floor safes should be installed in concrete. An authorized safe dealer or your insurance company will tell you what classification of safe you require, depending on the monetary value of goods you will be protecting.

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