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Whenever you move into a new location, it is very important to check all the doors for proper security. Exterior doors should be equipped with a deadbolt lock having a minimum size of a 1-inch bolt going into the frame. A good quality jimmy proof lock is also an excellent choice.

If you are satisfied that the exterior doors are properly secured with deadbolt locks, it is still important to change the existing keys. You never know who has keys to your premises and how many keys are in circulation.

Another important aspect is to verify if the frame of your door that receives the bolt from the lock is strong enough. Reinforcement plates for doors and frames are available and are strongly recommended.

Windowed doors and doors within close proximity of a window should have double-cylinder deadbolt locks installed (keys on both sides).

Patio doors are very vulnerable as the locks supplied by the manufacturer can easily be opened and the doors lifted out of the frame. There are several patio door locks on the market which lock with or without a key.

Basement windows should be protected with grills, preferably installed on the inside.

Chain locks are not a good security item. Instead, we recommend that you install a wide-angle viewer (peephole), that way if you do not recognize someone; you do not open the door.

You may have heard the term HIGH SECURITY LOCKS. Such locks are designed to discourage picking, drilling and wrenching. Our recommendation is MEDECO®. They are also a much stronger type of lock than your standard deadbolt lock when it comes to any attempted forced entry. MEDECO® locks have the added versatility of being able to retro-fit into most other commercial hardware. An excellent feature about these locks is that their keys are registered. This means that you can give a key to anyone and they cannot go to the nearest hardware store or locksmith and have it duplicated. A control card is issued in your name. You are the only person who can authorize additional keys. Prices for High Security Locks range from $125.00 to $250.00.

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